Ongoing Projects

Sea Traffic Management in the Eastern Mediterranean

STEAM Project

The general objective of the STEAM (Sea Traffic Management in the Eastern Mediterranean) project is the efficient management of sea traffic in the Eastern Mediterranean sea, while at the same time ensuring safety and environmental sustainability. More specifically, to develop the Port of Limassol to become (i) a world-class transshipment and information hub adopting modern digital technologies brought to the maritime sector, and (ii) a driver for short sea shipping in the Eastern Mediterranean through enhanced services based on standardized ship and port connectivity. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation with a total budget of 1M Euros.

Sea Traffic Management Validation Project

STM Validation Project

The primary goal of this research programme is the innovative optimization of processes and services within and between ports based on enhanced collaboration and regulated information sharing among port actors. Sea Traffic Management will create significant added value for the maritime transport chain, in particular for ship and cargo owners. This will be achieved through real-time and efficient information exchange among various parties such as ships, service providers, and shipping companies. The project is funded by the European Commission, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) with a total budget of 42.9M euros.

Distributed Multi-tier Storage for Cluster Computing

OctopusFS Architecture

Improvements in memory, storage devices, and network technologies are constantly exploited by distributed systems in order to meet the increasing data storage and I/O demands of modern large-scale data analytics. We present a novel distributed file system that is aware of storage media (e.g., memory, SSDs, HDDs, NAS) with different capacities and performance characteristics. The system offers a spectrum of usage patterns ranging from fully automating data management to providing explicit control by exposing the storage tiers to users. This project is funded by the Cyprus University of Technology Starting Grant.

Scaling Transactional Databases with Strong Guarantees

Transaction Mgmt Diagram

Database replication is a common mechanism used for scaling performance and improving availability of transactional databases but past approaches have suffered from various issues including limited scalability, performance versus consistency tradeoffs, and requirements for database or application modifications. Hihooi is a replication-based middleware solution that employs a novel shared-nothing architecture, a fast replication algorithm, and a light-weight transaction scheduling algorithm in order to provide both workload scalability and strong consistency. This project is done in collaboration with Dr. Michael Sirivianos from Cyprus University of Technology.

Towards a Unified Platform for Multi-Wearable Apps

Multi-wearables App Diagram

Wearable technology has recently become an ubiquitous part of everyday life. Smartwatches, activity trackers, and clothing embedded with sensors are used for monitoring personal fitness data, detecting health disorders, and offering real-time feedback. However, the current landscape of wearable devices suffers from two main issues: (i) each device currently offers only a portion of all the combined capabilities of all the devices, and (ii) most devices do not share data with each other and are tied to certain ecosystems. Hence, there is a strong need for a unified framework that will change the current collection of standalone devices to a fully networked technology. This project is done in collaboration with Dr. Andreas Pamboris and Dr. Panayiotis Andreou from UCLan Cyprus.

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